Trump's budget requires and should produce optimism
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May 24, 2017


Trump's budget requires and should produce optimism

The Massie theory: Trump's voters aren't the ones hurt by welfare cuts

'Resistance,' ad agency wins $1 million worth of government contracts under Trump

Time to panic? Young Republicans ditching GOP like never before

Podcast: After Manchester, Trump's Message On Terror Resonates

Trump's budget requires and should produce optimism: The political Left struggled on Tuesday to find terminology sufficiently jarring to express their rage and disdain for President Trump's just-released budget. That's the price we pay for living in an age of political hyperbole. Liberal journalists, activists and politicians denounced the president's proposed cuts as "brutal!" "huge!" "shocking!" and "gutting the public sector!" What's actually remarkable about Trump's budget is that its cuts are modest and, in many cases, are not cuts at all, merely smaller increases than some people desired or expected.

Paul Ryan supports a Trump budget he hasn't even read: Asked about White House budget forecasts of 3 percent growth, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan took the last refuge of a panicked lawmaker. Even though Ryan is plugging Trump's budget proposal, he told reporters that he hasn't read the document

In an essay for Lena Dunham’s newsletter, Elizabeth Warren claims Trump is ‘poised to deliver the knockout blow to the middle class’: The senator’s revisionist history of the Reagan administration does impressionable young readers a disservice.

'Resistance,' ad agency wins more than $1 million worth of government contracts under Trump: They're the liberal Mad Men of political consulting and Anson Kaye is their Don Draper. A public relations powerhouse, GMMB famously helped put President Barack Obama in office and now Kaye is quietly helping the Left try to kick President Trump out. But that hasn't stopped the ad agency of the "Resistance" from taking government contracts. Since Republicans won the White House, GMMB has done more than $1 million worth of work for the federal government.

Ohio coroner reports running out of room to manage surging opioid deaths: Grim new reporting from the heartland puts the latest wave of the opioid epidemic in perspective.

The Massie theory: Trump's voters aren't the ones collecting benefits: Flyover county looks like a wasteland to many on the Left. Watching from Washington, D.C., they assume that Trump voters are either too strung out on opioids, too politically backward, or just too stupid to realize that the president's budget proposal cuts against their self-interest. But Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., disagrees.


Middlebury completes disciplinary process over Charles Murray protest with wrist slaps for implicated students: Students involved in the violent disruptions on March 2 got off easy.

Kristen Soltis Anderson: Time to panic? Young Republicans ditching GOP like never before: Another day, another piece of news about the Republican Party's continued problems with young voters. Generally, bad news for Republicans with this group isn't shocking. But a new study shows that the slow bleeding that has occurred for more than a decade has seemingly accelerated, with half of the young Republicans who remain having wandered away from the party in the last 14 months.

Tom MacArthur had to resign because he called too many Republicans' bluff: Weeks after brokering the compromise that helped the House pass its healthcare reform bill, Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-N.J., has resigned as co-chairman of the centrist Republican Tuesday Group. And it appears that he was forced out of the position by discontented members of the group or at least felt so much pressure that he didn't have much of a choice.

Trump's budget draws comparisons to Reagan: Leading fiscal conservatives are showering President Trump's first federal budget proposal with some of their highest praise: comparisons to the fortieth president himself.

How one British Muslim is responding to the Manchester bombing: Following Monday's attack on Manchester, England concertgoers, British society is on edge. Yet this edginess isn't so much about the terrorist threat. It's about the fear that some Britons might turn against one another. Tuesday afternoon, I spoke with a British Muslim friend about that and other related concerns.

In briefing, Rod Rosenstein would not say who asked him to write the Comey memo: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand revealed the new information in an interview with David Axelrod.

Alan Dershowitz: In Manchester and elsewhere, terrorism persists because it works: If the Manchester bomber had been Palestinian and the bombing took place in Israel, Palestine would have paid the bomber’s family a small fortune for murdering children. Yet Palestine gets glorified at the United Nations while Israel gets attacked.

Disband the Congressional Turkish Caucus: “Imagine representatives banding together in Congress to advance the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the United States, senators forming an internal group to advocate for strong U.S. ties to serial human rights violator Venezuela, or congressmen lending their names and the prestige of their offices to a regime which promotes Hamas, supports al Qaeda affiliates, imprisons journalists, and whose leader has now moved on to ordering attacks on U.S. citizens in the heart of Washington, D.C.” Actually, that third one is actually happening in the Congressional Turkey Caucus.

Podcast: After Manchester, Trump's Message On Terror Resonates: In the Examining Politics Daily podcast, AEI's Michael Rubin discusses his op-ed in the Examiner on how the US can take the lead in the fight against Islaimist-inspired terrorism.

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